Just Yoga

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Jennifer Campbell Overbeeke. I currently live in the sacred hub of the North Carolina mountains. A land of fairy fireflies, blue ridges, apple orchards, and waterfalls.  I have a passion for Sunrise hikes, a good cup of coffee, world travel, human connection and Yoga Sādhana. Sādhana is spiritual practice- for me that means paying attention. Whether i'm moving my body, teaching, serving, receiving support, breathing with awareness, riding the waves of song, sitting quietly or having a chat with a friend... sādhana is 24/7. 

The first passage in the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali is "Atha yogānuśāsanam" or "And now the yoga" indicating that some things in one's life are no longer working...so now the yoga begins. This beginning is continuous. Some say the sanskrit text even indicates that loop. In this breath, this moment, this heart beat we have the opportunity to begin again, and again and again. The steps we take inspired by an ancient tradition and personal relationship that continuously develops with Tapas (dedicated practice) Svādhyāya (self inquiry) and Īśvarapraṇidhāna (allowing space for the "great mystery")

This platform was born out of the requests of many students near and far. A way to bring home practice to you. You will find rich and nourishing practices from gentle to vigorous, mantra to movement, quick connections to deep dive series. All of this and more is here for you and continuing to develop.

From my home to yours

From my heart to yours

May we be happy, healthy and free.

Class Levels:

Beginner: This indicates a practice or tutorial for the brand new practitioner or the student coming back to the foundations of the practice. Any subtle practice (i.e. pranayama and meditation) will be very introductory.

All levels/Intermediate: You will need some experience with yoga āsana and vinyasa here. While options are offered for all levels of the physical practice there is less specific alignment instruction than the Beginner level. Āsana may include inversions, arm balances, deeper stretches, backbends etc with and without use of props. These may also include more advanced limbs of yoga such as prānāyāma and dhāraṇā (meditation).

Advanced: Most challenging practices. There is an assumption here that you know names of poses and can follow the breath well in your practice. Āsana may include inversions, arm balances, deeper stretches, longer holds, backbends etc often without use of props. You should have a clear relationship with sensation in your body and breath to know when you need rest and when you don't. These may also include more focus in the more advanced limbs of yoga such as prānāyāma and dhāraṇā.

Gentle: These practices are open to all levels: Beginner to advanced. They include yin yoga, restorative yoga, gentle flow, mantra, meditation and gentle breathing techniques.