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Vinyasa Krama

The heart of this platform. Connected to the tradition of Tirumulai Krishnamacharya through his longest standing student (outside of his direct family) Srivatsa Ramaswami this practice is steeped in the deep roots of yoga. Expect slow and powerful movement guided by breath leading to stillness, pranayama and meditation.

Yin & Restorative

Yin yoga and restorative yoga are beautiful practiced remaining close the the ground that aid the rest and digest response, allow pause and observation through stillness and offer varying levels of support and opening for the fascia and nervous system.

Special Collections

Looking for a beginners series? Hoping to deepen your understanding of the subtle body? Interested in the roots of yoga? Check out this section to explore interesting topics, deepen your practice and continue to learn!

Practice Live

Small group Vinyasa Krama classes LIVE several days a week online via Zoom. See schedule and purchase passes here.

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