Foundations of Hatha Yoga

Foundations of Hatha Yoga

6 Seasons

a 6 part series broken down into "bite-sized" pieces for new students and seasoned beginners alike!
part 1: foundation of body and breath
part 2: standing poses and the hips
part 3: forward folds
part 4: extension
part 5: twists
part 6: putting it all together

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Foundations of Hatha Yoga
  • Back to basics 3.1 Seated Forward Folds

    Episode 1

    Learn the actions of the thighs, hips and feet in seated forward folds

  • Back to Basics 3.2 Standing Forward Folds

    Episode 2

    Uttanāsana and Prasarita Padattonāsana are two key standing forward folds that open the posterior chain and bring flexibility and energy to the back body. Learn the mechanics and individual considerations of these two poses in this video.