Foundations of Hatha Yoga

Foundations of Hatha Yoga

6 Seasons

a 6 part series broken down into "bite-sized" pieces for new students and seasoned beginners alike!
part 1: foundation of body and breath
part 2: standing poses and the hips
part 3: forward folds
part 4: extension
part 5: twists
part 6: putting it all together

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Foundations of Hatha Yoga
  • Back to basics 4.1 Finding the shoulder blades

    Episode 1

    Using a strap this video helps teach scapular placement and movement in preparation for backbends

  • Back to basics 4.2 Prone Backbends

    Episode 2

    Learn the sphinx pose, bhujangāsana (cobra pose), and shalabhāsana (the locust pose). Prone backbends are important precursors to upright backbends such as the wheel pose as the floor provides feedback for the core.

  • Back to Basics 4.3 Downward Facing Dog

    Episode 3

    A key position in vinyasa and hatha classes, Adho Much Svanāsana (Down dog) is a challenging pose that serves as a neutralizing position for the spine. When done with respect for your body this pose provides wonderful traction to the spine, strength in the shoulders and legs and more.

  • Back to Basics 4.4 the bridge pose

    Episode 4

    An introduction to upright backbends the bridge pose is a preliminary upright backbend. Simple and invigorating this pose is a wonderful daily practice to open the lungs and heart space.