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Leg and Arm Lifts Part 1

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Vinyasa Krama Brush Strokes

Jaṭhara Parivṛtti 1: The Belly twist

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  • Leg and Arm Lifts Part 1

    This video teaches common portions of the supine series including
    leg and arm lifts 1 and 2
    urdhva prasarita pada hastasana 1 and 2
    supta padangustasana 1-4
    jathara parvrtta 2 and 3

    counter pose: dwi pada pitham

  • Ākuñcanāsana sub series (Sarvāṅgāsana...

    This video teaches the Ākuñcanāsana sub series of Sarvāngāsana (shoulder stand) as part of the supine series. Begin by entering the lying down position through one of the lead sequence suggestions. The video begins with three preparations for Sarvāṅgāsana then goes through Ākuñcanāsana vinyasas t...