Foundations of Hatha Yoga

Foundations of Hatha Yoga

7 Seasons

First: 4 part introduction to Vinyasa Krama
a 6 part series broken down into "bite-sized" pieces for new students and seasoned beginners alike!
part 1: foundation of body and breath
part 2: standing poses and the hips
part 3: forward folds
part 4: extension
part 5: twists
part 6: putting it all together

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Foundations of Hatha Yoga
  • Back to Basics 6.1 Caturaṅga Daṇḍāsana and Ashtanga Namaskār

    Episode 1

    The four limbed staff pose and the 8 pointed salutation are two key postures in vinyasa yoga and more active forms of hatha yoga. This video reviews options to approach these challenging poses with intelligence and a personalized approach.

  • Back to Basics 6.2 Surya Namaskar

    Episode 2

    Surya Namaskara is a beautiful morning practice to align with your breath and awaken your body! Learn two variations of Sun Salutations to bring energy, strength and space to your body every day.

  • Back to Basics 6.3 Viparītakaraṇī (foundational inversion)

    Episode 3

    viparītakaraṇī is a blanket term for primary inversions of hatha yoga. However a popular variation is "legs up the wall" pose or supported inversion. This is a wonderful pose to learn to get used to being upside down in a supported way. Begin by staying for 1-2 minutes and work your way up as it ...

  • Back to Basics Full Practice

    Episode 4

    This hour long practice weaves together the foundational principles of the full "back to basics" series.