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Pranayama from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Prānāyāma and Meditation • 47m

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  • Intro to Pratiloma Ujjayi

    Pratiloma means against the hair, Ujjayi is the "victorious" breath. A combination of this alternate nostril and ujjayi pranayama allows for a soothing practice to balance the nervous system and ease the mental space.

  • Basic Reclining Meditation and Prānāy...

    Learn to set up a reclining Meditation and Prānāyāma set up to provide an enlivened sense of ease in subtle practice

  • Stoking the digestive fire: kapālbhāt...

    Kapalabhati is a shat kriya involving rapid and forceful exhales and passive inhales. It is said to remove stagnant air in the heart and lungs through the rapid recycling of air. It also stokes agni, or the digestive fire, strengthens the lungs and is a wonderful and invigorating way to prepare f...