Prānāyāma and Meditation

Prānāyāma and Meditation

Meditation and pranayama techniques, progressions and overall practices

Prānāyāma and Meditation
  • Pranayama & Meditation: Nervous system soother

    Working with gentle movement, ujjayi progression, brahmari (bee's breath) and meditation on OM this practice soothes the nervous system and calms the mind.

  • Metta meditation

    Loving kindness meditation

  • Pranayama & meditation: Upper retention and mantra

    This practice begins with gentle movement and then dives into ujjayi pranayama with antara khumbaka and mantra to build resilience in the lungs and peace in the heart/mind

  • Pranayama from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika

    40 minutes of surya bhedana, ujjayi 2, sitali/sitkara, and bhastrika pranayama followed by dharana on Om. Recommended to do a simple asana practice before hand to prepare the body for a long sit.

  • Intro to Pratiloma Ujjayi

    Pratiloma means against the hair, Ujjayi is the "victorious" breath. A combination of this alternate nostril and ujjayi pranayama allows for a soothing practice to balance the nervous system and ease the mental space.

  • Basic Reclining Meditation and Prānāyāma set up

    Learn to set up a reclining Meditation and Prānāyāma set up to provide an enlivened sense of ease in subtle practice

  • Stoking the digestive fire: kapālbhāti kriya

    Kapalabhati is a shat kriya involving rapid and forceful exhales and passive inhales. It is said to remove stagnant air in the heart and lungs through the rapid recycling of air. It also stokes agni, or the digestive fire, strengthens the lungs and is a wonderful and invigorating way to prepare f...

  • Ujjayi Prāṇāyāma: Preliminary stages

    The practice of Ujjayi is often coupled with āsana. However, when practiced as a stand alone practice in a relaxed position the subtle gifts of the technique are more easily revealed. This video teaches the initial stages of Ujjayi Prāṇāyāma - a wonderful practice to tonify the nerves, warm the b...

  • Full Moon "50/50"

    Half simple and effective vinyasa krama, Half soothing and illuminating pranayama. This is a go-to for Full Moon days

  • Advanced viloma ujjayi and mantra pranayama

    Viloma Ujjayi and Samantraka (with mantra) Pranayama ending with Dharana on OM.

  • Seated meditation set ups

    Support for seated meditation

  • Beginner Meditation and Prānāyāma set up - Reclining

    Learn this reclining Meditation and Prānāyāma set up to provide a sense of ease in subtle practice

  • The 3 main nadis: Progressive Pranayama

    Utilizing chandra bhedana, surya bhedana and nadi shodhana pranayamas with slow development and options in all 4 aspects of the breath this practice sets us up well for meditation on the breath inspired by teachings from the Yoga Yajñavalkya.

  • Pranayama and Meditation: visualization as a tool for awareness

    Focus is on where we place our attention (in the body) during predominately inhalation and exhalation as related to anuloma, pratiloma and viloma ujjayi pranayama. techniques that teach us to work intelligently with inhalation and exhalation and give us the benefits of both ujjayi and nostril bre...

  • Pranayama and Meditation: Developing Ujjayi, Nadi Shodhana

    Advanced Practice: Only for those familiar and comfortable with breath retention. Includes kapalabhati kriya, ujjayi & nadi shodhana pranayama practice and 10 minutes dharana on OM. Recommended to practice after your asana practice and savasana.

  • Pranayama and Meditation: Nadi Shodhana, Anuloma and Pratiloma Ujjayi

    Advanced practice: only for those comfortable with retention and bandha.

  • Movement, Pranayama and Meditation- Sitali and Nadhi Shodhana

    Begins with vinyasas for the spine preparing for Sitali & Nadi Shodhana pranayama with 1:1:2:1 ratio & dharana on OM. Intermediate/Advanced practice due to breath retention.

  • Pranayama and Dharana: Pradipika pranayama and dharana on OM

    Advanced: Practice begins with simple asana to reduce stagnation and continues with Hatha yoga pradipika pranayama including kumbhaka and bandha and Meditation on Om. Practice on an empty stomach.

  • Rejoice! Muditā Meditation

    Muditā means joy; specifically it is the pleasure that comes from delighting in another's joy. In this meditation we practice sympathetic joy as a key to a clear and peaceful mind.

    This is the first in the 4 part series on the "4 immeasurables" from yoga sutra 1.33.

  • Pranayama and Meditation: Nadi Shodhana and Om

    Morning pranayama and meditation. Beginning with gentle vinyasas to open the breathing structures, nadi shodhana to center the heart/mind and dharana on OM. Life-long yoga

  • Pranayama & Meditation: Viloma and Om Dharana

    This practice begins with seated asana to relax the hips, kapalabhati kriya to clear the bronchial, 25 pranayamas (ujjayi and viloma ujjayi) with antar and bahya kumbhaka and ends with dharana on OM. Exercise caution in the retention- the breath should remain comfortable and the body receptive.

  • Ṣanmukhīmudrā: to calm the mind and awaken inner awareness

    Learn the practice of Ṣanmukhīmudrā (Shan-mukhii-mudraa). This pratyahara technique is used before meditation to calm the mind and bring the senses inward.

  • Guided Relaxation- Supine Meditation

    This 20 minute guided relaxation for peace and stillness is practiced in a comfortable reclining position. A wonderful technique to calm a busy mind and allow for a state of tender and alert awareness.

  • On Uncovering Prakāśa

    Beginning with a discussion of yoga sutra 2.52 & the result of sustained pranayama this practice continues in to gentle movement, calming and centering pranayama and meditation.