Vinyasa Krama Brush Strokes

Vinyasa Krama Brush Strokes

14 Seasons

Vinyasa Krama in the tradition of Krishnamacharya is a beautiful, artistically expressive and highly adaptable system. The āsana practice involves hundreds of shorter sub series inside 11 major umbrella series plus winding down procedures and mudras. This section guides you through some of those key sub series for personal exploration in your own practice...the brush strokes in the art of yoga.

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Vinyasa Krama Brush Strokes
  • Cultivating Balance: Samasthiti and Tadasana

    Episode 1

    Cultivate balance through breath, attention and specific movement in the "equal standing pose" and the "hill/mountain pose." These asana coupled with breath, proper gaze and time help us to develop the initial elements of stability and ease in our practice.

  • Hasta Vinyasas: the hand, arm and shoulder movements

    Episode 2

    Fully mobilizes the shoulders, chest and begins to deepen the connection to breath with movement This is an important series to learn for all practitioners

  • Parsva Bhangi Series: Side Movements

    Episode 3

    The Parsva Bhangi (Side Movements) are an integral part to the Vinyasa Krama "On your feet" series. They warm the body, sync breath with movement, remove vata from the spine and shoulders and are a great way to prepare for more complicated asana.

  • Complete Back Stretch Sequence

    Episode 4

    Complete standing back stretch sequence from the Vinyasa Krama system offers a comprehensive stretch for the entire posterior chain in a simple standing position. Improves balance and endurance.

  • Ardha Utkaṭāsana series

    Episode 5

    The Ardha Utkaṭāsana series from the Vinyasa Krama system builds strength and suppleness in the lower leg joints, spine and hips. A deceptively challenging series it teaches resilience and focus and prepares the body for deeper leg vinyasas