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Building to Natarajasana

Vinyasa Krama • 1h 0m

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  • Tools for a Distracted Mind

    This vinyasa krama practice begins with discourse on Yoga Sutra 1.31 and then builds a stabilizing and soothing practice of forward folds, twists, core stability, supine hip opening and calming pranayama

  • Breath, Bandhas, Backbends

    Explores the role of bandhas and proper breathing as preparation for a series of backbends including, prone, supine and ustrasana variations. Ends with pranayama including upper and lower retention (practice only if familiar and comfortable with kumbhaka- not for beginners)

  • Sound as a Gateway

    Surya namaskar with mantra, strong and supple vinyasas, Viloma Ujjayi and Brahmari pranayama...experience the power of infusing sound in your practice!