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Take Aim!

Vinyasa Krama • 59m

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  • "The mind, the dog and the leash"

    My teacher says the mind is like a dog on a leash. Usually the dog (mind) is pulling us around, following every bright and shiny object. Through steady practice of dharana (concentration) we can learn to guide the dog comfortably (again, mind). A directed and steady mind is well prepared for medi...

  • "On Two Feet" practice

    A grounding, mildly invigorating, profoundly simple, breath led practice to stretch the whole body, lubricate all the joints, steady the mind and drop in to the heart. Ending with a calming pranayama practice this vinyasa krama sequence is easily adaptable and highly effective for all practitioners.

  • "Complete Back Stretch"

    This 55 minute Vinyasa Krama practice focuses on the utanasana sequence to provide an equal stretch for the "back"- ending with nadi shodhana pranayama this practice is stabilizing for the mind and lengthening for the back body.