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Hatha and Flow • 1h 2m

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  • Ājñā Chakra

    This video is the 6th installment in the Journey through the chakra series focused on the third eye or "Ājñā Chakra" - expect space for breath, less cueing in asana so you can follow your intuitive process, pranayama to soothe the brain and meditation to connect with the seat of wisdom. A simple ...

  • Sahasrāra Chakra

    This 80 minute practice involves side body opening and time upside down to enhance flow in the "communication channels" or primary nadis (ida, pingala, sushumna) of the body culminating in ample time in a Mudrā guided meditation and pranayama practice. The crown chakra- Sahasrāra chakra or the in...

  • Humble, slow and embracing

    At the core what we value most in a teacher is humility. Take that to heart and on to your mat. Be kind, observant and honest with your body, your breath, your aim. Moving within wide legged folds, meditative asana like padmasana and maha bandha we end this practice with meditation on the breath.