Hatha and Flow

Hatha and Flow

Slow flows and hatha practices with attention to alignment

Hatha and Flow
  • Steady like Shiva

    This 70 minute practice encompasses the steady grace of "Shiva-state" and encompasses a strong and steady spine focused practice with gentle pranayama and mantra meditation.

  • Supple hip flow

    60 minutes focused on actions to prepare the hips and spine for eka pada rājakapotāsana (king pigeon) variation

  • Bhujapīḍāsana and Supta Kūrmāsana

  • Slow and Strong for the Spine

    This Hatha flow practice involves a steady, slow and mindful flow to build strength and flexibility in the spine and surrounding supports.

  • Strength Flow- Shoulders and Seams

    This 40 minute strength based flow practice focuses on shoulder and side body strength, fun transitions, and a shift in perspective.

    Suggested props: 2 firm yoga blocks

  • āsana lab: bakāsana

    Learn tools to access this popular arm balance

  • Twisting Lunar Flow

    60 minute practice involving a variation on chandra namaskar, standing half moon (ardha chandrāsana), ūstrāsana variations and twisting poses in preparation for ...
    Peak Āsana: Bhāradvājāsana and Parivṛtta halāsana

  • Low, Slow, Strong and Supple

    This 45 minute active hatha class builds from the ground up. A well-rounded medium spicy class with focus on inner thigh and hip mobility. Expect a few standing poses and a lot of close to the floor work both for strength and space. Low, slow, strong and supple!

  • Full moon hatha flow

    45 minute well rounded practice for full moon days. Mantra, flow and mudra.

  • Samakoṇāsana Slow flow

    Class leads with a discussion of Yoga Sutra 2.18 and flows into a challenging hatha flow towards Samakoṇāsana (Middle Splits)

    Hey Mata Kali Hey Mata Durge
    Kali Durga Namoh Namah

  • Kurmāsana Practice

    90 minute practice involving theme, mantra, meditation and an all levels asana practice building to the tortoise pose.

    oṃ gaṃ gaṇapataye namo namaha

  • 30 minute to uplift and inspire!

    Backbend focused practice to raise your spirits!

  • Fundamentals of Exhalation

    This 30 minute "gentle/ beginner friendly/ good for the wellbeing of all/ use anytime" class works with simple movements and sound to lengthen the exhale, tap into the parasympathetic state to relax and center body and heart/mind..

  • "Stand Still...Wherever you are is here"

    Inspired by a poem by David Whyte this practice invites stillness, strength and a deep inner listening in preparation for pincha mayurasana. Ends with nadi shodhana and meditation

  • Bākāsana crawls

    Theme: Yoga Sutra 2.2

    Peak Āsana: Bākāsana crawls
    Length: 90 minutes

    oṃ asato mā sadgamaya
    tamaso mā jyotirgamaya
    mṛtyormā'mṛtaḿ gamaya

  • "Hero to Heart Opening"

    This 45 minute hatha yoga practice invigorates the body through deep active holds and dynamic movement in preparation for a mini backbend extravaganza! Meant to make your legs and hips feel open and awake and your spine more supple this practice is simple and effective. All levels appropriate- lo...

  • Feathered and Focused: Pincha Mayūrāsana variations

    a 45 minute practice building towards various leg positions in the "feathered peacock pose" (pincha mayūrāsana).

  • Surya Yantrāsana (The Sundial Pose)

    This practice focuses on hip opening for the sundial pose (Surya Yantrāsana) and ends with ample time in prānāyāma and meditation.

  • Awakened heart flow

    40 minute alignment based flow

  • New Moon Hips

    This New Moon Slow Vinyasa practice is invigorating and deeply nourishing. Blending deep hip work in standing and seated asana, a mild inversion and soothing pranayama this is a practice you can come back to anytime you need a slower pace flow that still enlivens your spirit :)

  • Full Moon Practice 1

    This vinyasa practice weaves together chandra krama, hip opening, pranayama, mantra and meditation to help us connect and release during the full moon cycle.

  • Full Moon Vinyasa 2

    Abalance of moon and earth namaskara. Grounding, soothing and mildly invigorating. Class ends with ample pranayama and meditation for the full moon

  • Balanced Basics

    This 70 minute practice is a wonderful daily practice for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Focusing on mindful and foundational opening of the hips, spine and shoulders you will be well prepared to sit in meditation or for subtle practices with ease!

  • Pindāsana practice

    Theme: Yoga Sutra 2.10
    Peak Āsana: Pindāsana (embryo pose) in Salamba Sarvangāsana
    Mantra: Chamundayai Chamundayai Chamundayai Chamundayai