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Pranayama and Dharana: Pradipika pranayama and dharana on OM

Prānāyāma and Meditation • 47m

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  • Rejoice! Muditā Meditation

    Muditā means joy; specifically it is the pleasure that comes from delighting in another's joy. In this meditation we practice sympathetic joy as a key to a clear and peaceful mind.

    This is the first in the 4 part series on the "4 immeasurables" from yoga sutra 1.33.

  • Pranayama and Meditation: Nadi Shodha...

    Morning pranayama and meditation. Beginning with gentle vinyasas to open the breathing structures, nadi shodhana to center the heart/mind and dharana on OM. Life-long yoga

  • Pranayama & Meditation: Viloma and Om...

    This practice begins with seated asana to relax the hips, kapalabhati kriya to clear the bronchial, 25 pranayamas (ujjayi and viloma ujjayi) with antar and bahya kumbhaka and ends with dharana on OM. Exercise caution in the retention- the breath should remain comfortable and the body receptive.