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Pranayama & meditation: Upper retention and mantra

Prānāyāma and Meditation • 46m

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  • Pranayama from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika

    40 minutes of surya bhedana, ujjayi 2, sitali/sitkara, and bhastrika pranayama followed by dharana on Om. Recommended to do a simple asana practice before hand to prepare the body for a long sit.

  • Intro to Pratiloma Ujjayi

    Pratiloma means against the hair, Ujjayi is the "victorious" breath. A combination of this alternate nostril and ujjayi pranayama allows for a soothing practice to balance the nervous system and ease the mental space.

  • Basic Reclining Meditation and Prānāy...

    Learn to set up a reclining Meditation and Prānāyāma set up to provide an enlivened sense of ease in subtle practice