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Supine Series to Shoulderstand

Vinyasa Krama • 1h 0m

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  • Like Many Reflections of the Sun

    Ramaswami says that the vedas teach that each individual Purusa is like a reflection of the Sun in many puddles of water. We all come from the same source and even in our individuality we have the capacity to see one another in one another. Class builds on the samakona sequence including vinyasas...

  • Spinning around the hip

    This practice focuses on the foundation of the half lotus sequence and ends with viloma ujjayi pranayama.

  • "Heavenly Hamstrings"

    Building on to the Tiryangmukha asymmetrical sequence to anjaneyasana and hanumanasana. Preparations in classical surya namaskara, standing sequences and back bends. Class ends with chandra bhedana pranayama and dharana with mantra "OM SOM SOMAYA NAMAHA"