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Beginner Meditation and Prānāyāma set up - Reclining

Prānāyāma and Meditation • 7m 43s

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  • The 3 main nadis: Progressive Pranayama

    Utilizing chandra bhedana, surya bhedana and nadi shodhana pranayamas with slow development and options in all 4 aspects of the breath this practice sets us up well for meditation on the breath inspired by teachings from the Yoga Yajñavalkya.

  • Pranayama and Meditation: visualizati...

    Focus is on where we place our attention (in the body) during predominately inhalation and exhalation as related to anuloma, pratiloma and viloma ujjayi pranayama. techniques that teach us to work intelligently with inhalation and exhalation and give us the benefits of both ujjayi and nostril bre...

  • Pranayama and Meditation: Developing ...

    Advanced Practice: Only for those familiar and comfortable with breath retention. Includes kapalabhati kriya, ujjayi & nadi shodhana pranayama practice and 10 minutes dharana on OM. Recommended to practice after your asana practice and savasana.