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Walking Camels and Wide Angles

Vinyasa Krama • 1h 28m

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  • Samasthiti

    Not just the physical template for practice but the energetic stance of resilience, grace and commitment. Samasthiti is the asana of life lessons. Practice includes is stabilizing, clarifying and relaxing with a long supine and shoudlerstand cycle and plenty of time for Pranayama

  • Meditative Sequence to Kapotāsana

    Full practice involving vinyasa krama (with a peak of kapotasana- the king pigeon pose), asana as mudra, pranayama and dharana on pranava. 100 minutes of a well balanced sadhana.

  • Revolved Vinyasas

    This 100 minute practice involves many of the revolved vinyasas including parivrtta trkonasana and parivrtta supta padangustasana as well as urdhva konasana. A lovely feeling for the strength and suppleness of the spine! Ending with pranayama and dharana this is the full deep(er) practice you've ...