Moon Days

Moon Days

practices for the full and new moon days (yin, vinyasa, pranayama and meditation)

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Moon Days
  • Full Moon Lotus

    Nurturing practice building to Padmasana vinyasas and ending with pranayama

  • Steady On

    This practice is good for moon days or any day you need to simple steadiness. Focused on the Supta padangustasana series and padmasana as preparation for baddha konasana practice ends with cooling pranayama.

  • Full Moon "50/50"

    Half simple and effective vinyasa krama, Half soothing and illuminating pranayama. This is a go-to for Full Moon days

  • Moon Nectar

    Connect to the Soma Chakra through this vinyasa krama practice. Lovely for the full moon or anytime you need to rest in wholeness. Ends with marmasthana relaxation and supine pranayama.

  • Moon and Mudra

    All this is Full, All that is Full :)
    Slow, deep practice of standing vinyasas, meditative sequence, and the 4 key mudras of vinyasa krama. Practice ends with soothing pranayama and meditation

  • Full Moon Vinyasa 2

    Abalance of moon and earth namaskara. Grounding, soothing and mildly invigorating. Class ends with ample pranayama and meditation for the full moon

  • Full Moon Practice 1

    This vinyasa practice weaves together chandra krama, hip opening, pranayama, mantra and meditation to help us connect and release during the full moon cycle.

  • New Moon Hips

    This New Moon Slow Vinyasa practice is invigorating and deeply nourishing. Blending deep hip work in standing and seated asana, a mild inversion and soothing pranayama this is a practice you can come back to anytime you need a slower pace flow that still enlivens your spirit :)

  • Full Moon Yin

    55 minute yin and meditation practice with a focus on the kidney and urinary bladder meridians. Gentle movement, lots of stillness, and time for contemplation- a nourishing practice for the Full Moon.

  • New Moon Yin

    Practice centers around hip opening, focused awareness and easeful breathing with attention to the kidney and urinary bladder meridians for all of us who live "close to the water" - Embrace it!

  • Full moon hatha flow

    45 minute well rounded practice for full moon days. Mantra, flow and mudra.