This Week's Features

This Week's Features

This weeks highlights! Give something new a try :)

This Week's Features
  • Balance and the relaxation response

    The marriage of sukha (ease) and sthira (stability) are explored through standing balance vinyasas and attention to breath. Done with attention to not only stability in the body but also fluidity and ease this practice helps us strike a balance between these two key principles. Practice ends with...

  • The many faces of prasārita padattonāsana

    The exaggerated spread legs pose has many vinyasas to bring strength and flexibility to the whole body. This practice explores many of them with long smooth breathing. Practice ends with pranayama.

  • Sarvānga: All Parts

    Yoga is a Sarvanga Sadhana meaning it is beneficial to all parts of the body, mind complex. Sarvangasana therefore is a powerful asana and mudra that has benefits to the entire body. Explore extended standing series leading to sarvangasana as an asana and mudra ending with pranayama and meditation.

  • Breath to Breath

    Beginning and ending with pranayama this breath and mantra infused vinyasa krama practice is deeply reverent and centering.

  • Steady breath, Steady gaze, Steady mind

    Class folds in standing and seated vinyasas with a focus on the maha mudra series leading to akarna dhanurasana and krounchasana vinyasas. Class ends with ujjayi pranayama with both antara and bahir kumbhaka. Slow, steady and focused!

  • Happy Heron

    Strong Standing sequence blends in to the assymetrical tiryangmukha eka padasana sequence building towards Krounchasana. Practice ends with advanced viloma ujjayi. This is not for beginners. Do not retain the breath if you are new to pranayama or have contraindications.