This Week's Features

This Week's Features

This weeks highlights! Give something new a try :)

This Week's Features
  • Strength and Softness towards Bharadvajasana

    Bharadvajasana invokes peaceful inner confidence and grace. This practice moves through strengthening standing vinyasas and supple seated vinyasas to prepare for the seat of the great sage

  • Inner and outer seams

    Vinyasas for the hips and legs (supta padangustasana, paarsvakonasa, ardha padmasana with modifications etc) ending with short and impactful pranayama practice. Day 33 of the 40 days practice.

  • 20 minute remedies: Soothe after sitting

    20 minutes to soothe the hips and lower back. A simple reclining and breath oriented practice for all!

  • "Unique" to You

    Steady practice building to halasana/paschimottanasana visesa vinyasas and self guided pranayama. This is not a beginner practice.

  • Circuitry

    Connecting the circuitry of the spine through marichyasana sub series and friends

  • Prostrations and Patañjali

    a focused practice building to the meditative sequence (vajrasana and ustrasana vinyasas) and call and response chanting of the chatush sutrani of the yoga sutras of Patañjali. Day 30 of 40 days practice

  • Invert to free the spine

    Vinyasas in sarvangasana with pratikriya of dhanurasana variations. Sarvangasana relaxes the lower body and increases intervertebral space allowing for a bit more freedom in our bow posture. Ends with pratiloma ujjayi. May do the leg vinyasas lying on the back instead of in shoulder stand if cont...

  • "Movement in the spine"

    Yoga asana is more than just movement of the spine. The careful, skillful and art of yoga asana helps to facilitate movement "in the spine" ~ Paul Harvey
    This practice incorporates namaskar with mantra, a short standing sequence and long posterior stretch sequence to inspire introspection on this...

  • on the Gunas and Yoga for "Real Life"

    dharma talk on the triguna, vinyasa krama practice including khagasana, janu sirsasana, standing marichi and meditative sequence vinyasas ending with nadi shodhana pranayama.

  • Clearing the "mix up"

    Steady practice building to a long sequence of vinyasas in sarvangasana (the shoulder stand). Practice ends with japa on Gayatri Mantra.

  • Pathway to ākuñcanāsana

    In this practice Sukha (Ease/Good Space) cultivated in the meditative sequence informs our approach to ākuñcanāsana vinyasas in headstand (sirsāsana). Practice ends with prānayāma and stillness. Practice not appropriate for beginners.