This Week's Features

This Week's Features

This weeks highlights! Give something new a try :)

This Week's Features
  • "Movement in the spine"

    Yoga asana is more than just movement of the spine. The careful, skillful and art of yoga asana helps to facilitate movement "in the spine" ~ Paul Harvey
    This practice incorporates namaskar with mantra, a short standing sequence and long posterior stretch sequence to inspire introspection on this...

  • on the Gunas and Yoga for "Real Life"

    dharma talk on the triguna, vinyasa krama practice including khagasana, janu sirsasana, standing marichi and meditative sequence vinyasas ending with nadi shodhana pranayama.

  • Peaceful Preparation

    Vinyasa Krama for the legs and pelvis alongside Brahmari Pranayama are wonderful preparations for a peaceful pause. Highly recommend stepping right in to your own dharana or mantra practice immediately following.

  • Clearing the "mix up"

    Steady practice building to a long sequence of vinyasas in sarvangasana (the shoulder stand). Practice ends with japa on Gayatri Mantra.

  • Steady On

    This practice is good for moon days or any day you need to simple steadiness. Focused on the Supta padangustasana series and padmasana as preparation for baddha konasana practice ends with cooling pranayama.

  • Revolved Vinyasas

    This 100 minute practice involves many of the revolved vinyasas including parivrtta trkonasana and parivrtta supta padangustasana as well as urdhva konasana. A lovely feeling for the strength and suppleness of the spine! Ending with pranayama and dharana this is the full deep(er) practice you've ...

  • Pathway to ākuñcanāsana

    In this practice Sukha (Ease/Good Space) cultivated in the meditative sequence informs our approach to ākuñcanāsana vinyasas in headstand (sirsāsana). Practice ends with prānayāma and stillness. Practice not appropriate for beginners.