Yin and Restorative

Yin and Restorative

Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga Yoga. From deep stretch to full relaxation.

Yin and Restorative
  • 20 minute remedies: Soothe after sitting

    20 minutes to soothe the hips and lower back. A simple reclining and breath oriented practice for all!

  • Back body Refresh- Yin

    targeting the hips, legs and entire posterior chain for full "body-sigh"

  • Modified (yin inspired) Salutations

    Modified (yin inspired) Salutations. This is a tutorial on a low to the ground salutation inspired by yin yoga postures.

  • The Still Point- Retorative Yoga Practice

    3 poses in 30 minutes. Grab your throw pillows, comforters, eye pillows, yoga blocks and any other traditional or household props you have and get busy resting!

    Suggested props:

    2 standard bolsters

    3-4 yoga blankets (standard fold = folded from short side to short side 3 times)

    2-4 yoga bloc...

  • On Uncovering Prakāśa

    Beginning with a discussion of yoga sutra 2.52 & the result of sustained pranayama this practice continues in to gentle movement, calming and centering pranayama and meditation.

  • Pure Yin: 45 for hips

    This practice is pure Yin yoga. No muscular activation, just time to embrace the experience of each āsana as it is...right now. Focus is on both internal and external rotation of the hips in an intentional and intelligent yin sequence.

  • Pure Yin: Patience and Growth

    This 70 minute yin practice builds towards longer and longer holds. A physical process of exercising patience, acceptance and curiosity in our "growth"

  • Yin for Inner Support: Spleen Meridian

    The spleen meridian runs up the inner foot, leg, waist and front of the ribs. It is a yin meridian and by TCM standards is responsible for our connective tissue- literally what supports our bodies (the inner webbing that binds us together). It also is highly responsible for digestion and circulat...

  • Shoulder and Upper back recovery

    Using 2 blocks and 2 rubber balls or tennis balls this practice helps mobilize the fascia around the shoulder girdle and upper back.

  • Yin for Exhaustion and Burn-out

    This 45 minute practice is both preventative and therapeutic in nature. Focusing on balancing the heart and kidney meridians by decongesting the large intestine and lungs this is a beautiful practice for our over-worked, over-extended, highly distracted lives. Take time to pause and notice....

  • Bottoms Up Yin+

    This practice involves a modified yin approach involving self "massage" to enhance circulation in the feet, legs, hips and shoulders...some of the most common areas to hold tension in our bodies.

  • Super Simple Yin!

    This hour long yin practices is great for any time of year! A well rounded practice ending in pranayama. Mildly invigorating and extremely soothing this practice is a great one to keep in your rotation!

  • Quiet time for an anxious mind

    This 30 minute yin yoga practice uses 5 poses that help to gently open areas in the body that typically tighten in times of anxiety or worry. Grounding, soothing and subtly opening this practice is for all of us.

  • Myofascial therapeutics: Upper back, neck and shoulders

    This video teaches a sequence using tennis balls (or yoga tuneup balls) to relieve tension and hydrate the fascia of the shoulders, upper back and neck

  • "2020 Vision Yin"

    A 60 minute yin yoga practice for the eyes by means of the liver and gallbladder channels. Deeply relaxing and cleansing this practice helps the physical health of the eyes AND enhances a clear inner awareness (in-sight if you will). May you be happy, health and clear seeing this new decade!

  • Quick and Nourishing Morning Ritual- Meridian tapping and massage

    Wake up your body gently with this tapping and self massage session

  • Gentle Hatha for Easeful Breathing

    This gentle yoga practice will open space kindly and generously in the lungs, heart and hips. A great physical practice to do pre-pranayama or meditation.

  • Circulation Station- Deep Stretch for the feet and legs

    This short class involves deep stretch and myofascial work for the lower body. Helpful props include a bolster and blankets (although you can certainly use pillows, couch cushions and towels to make due!)

  • Self Massage: Knees

    Using rubber balls or tennis balls to relieve tension in the knees

  • Deep Lower Body Yin

    Give your foundation some love! This is an intermediate/advanced level yin/hatha practice focused on mobility of the feet, ankles, knees, and hips. Please be mindful to move slowly and stop BEFORE you find your "edge."

  • Yin and Prānāyāma for the Liver, Lung and Large Intestine Meridians

    This practice involves Yin yoga postures, deep inner awareness and Prānāyāma to activate and balance for the Liver, Lung and Large Intestine Meridians. A wonderful practice anytime but especially to work with excess vata or to ground during the Fall season.

  • Choose Your Own Adventure: Learning to Listen

    In this practice you can choose slight alterations to ride the line of sensation and introspection to either full restorative or yin or a blend. This is a practice of honing deep listening.

  • Well Rounded Release

    Delicious yin yoga practice for the hips, spine and shoulders

  • Yin- Heart Meridian

    “The heart is the sovereign of all organs and represents the consciousness of one’s being. It is responsible for intelligence, wisdom, and spiritual transformation.” ~Huang Di Nei Jing

    This yin yoga practice is focused on balancing the heart meridian which governs emotion, perception and thought...