Hatha and Flow

Hatha and Flow

Slow flows and hatha practices with attention to alignment

Hatha and Flow
  • Karṇapīḍāsana practice

    Theme: Yoga Sutra 2.17
    Peak Āsana: Karṇapīḍāsana
    Duration: 90 minutes
    Level: All levels
    Mantra: Aham Prema

  • "All Roads to and from Virasana"

    This hatha yoga practice invigorates the body through deep active holds and dynamic movement involving full hip opening in preparation for a backbend extravaganza! Meant to make your legs and hips feel open and awake and your spine more supple this practice is simple and effective. All levels app...

  • Natarajāsana and Walking Uṣṭrāsana

    This 90 minute deeper practice builds towards Natarajāsana and Walking Uṣṭrāsana and ends with prāṇāyāma and meditation. An all levels practice with various options. As always listen to your body and be guided by your breath!

  • Viśuddha Chakra

    Experience the power of self expression and clear communication through this throat chakra practice. This class involves chanting, specific bandha work and pranayama, spinal extension and a supported inversion to nourish and bring awareness to Viśuddha chakra.

  • Manipura Chakra

    Part 3 of the Journey through the Chakras series: Manipura Chakra

  • Svādhiṣṭhāna chakra

    This 80 minute practice is centered around stabilizing and balancing the Svādhiṣṭhāna Chakra. Expect fluid flow and hip and thigh opening, arm balances, a yin finish and quiet introspection on what brings you joy and sparks creativity in your life.

  • Mūlādhāra Chakra

    This 70 minute practice is centered around stabilizing and balancing the Mūlādhāra Chakra. Expect strong and slow standing postures, forward folds, a yin finish and quiet introspection on what sustains and supports you.

  • Bhumi Namaskar practice

    Theme: Yoga Sutra 2.8

    “You can’t get there by going around it…you have to go through”

    Duration: 80 minutes

    Peak Āsana: Bhumi Namaskar (Earth Salutation) and Paschimottonasana krama.







  • Morning "Jai"

    Invigorate your morning or afternoon slump with this 35 minute well rounded practice of namaskar, standing poses, backbends, hips, twists, inversion and rest

  • No mud no lotus

    75 minute intermediate practice focused on the actions in the legs, hips and spine to prepare for padmāsana and variations

  • Relax in the squeeze

    Work towards the shoulder pressing pose (bhujapidāsana) in this 60 minute mildly paced practiced ending with a divine love meditation.

  • Ājñā Chakra

    This video is the 6th installment in the Journey through the chakra series focused on the third eye or "Ājñā Chakra" - expect space for breath, less cueing in asana so you can follow your intuitive process, pranayama to soothe the brain and meditation to connect with the seat of wisdom. A simple ...

  • Sahasrāra Chakra

    This 80 minute practice involves side body opening and time upside down to enhance flow in the "communication channels" or primary nadis (ida, pingala, sushumna) of the body culminating in ample time in a Mudrā guided meditation and pranayama practice. The crown chakra- Sahasrāra chakra or the in...

  • Humble, slow and embracing

    At the core what we value most in a teacher is humility. Take that to heart and on to your mat. Be kind, observant and honest with your body, your breath, your aim. Moving within wide legged folds, meditative asana like padmasana and maha bandha we end this practice with meditation on the breath.

  • Don't Spill!

    Vinyasas to prepare for kapotasana preparation (don't worry we don't actually do the full asana yet!) Intelligently invigorating and centering practice ending with chanting in Shavasana

  • Less Haste More Space Flow

    This slow and intentional hatha practice is focused on removing the obstacle of pramāda (carelessness, haste) in the yoga practice. Slow and strong this practice crescendos with time in stillness.

  • 30 minute hips: "around the world" mobility

    This 30 minute sequence (all on the floor) moves the hips through active mobility ranges for increased stability and grounding. A great practice anytime, this sequence couples internal and external rotation, hip extension and flexion to feel the full range of mobility potential in your body!

  • Baddha Pādmāsana & Yoga Mūdra

    Find the bind in baddha padmasana with the use of a strap and smooth breathing

  • The Great Sages- Vasiṣṭhāsana & Viśvāmitrāsana

    This 75 minute active hatha class builds from the ground up. A well-rounded class with building towards side arm balances- Vasiṣṭhāsana & Viśvāmitrāsana

  • Anahāta Chakra

    This 75 minute practice focuses on the heart chakra. Expect a series of chest opening and spinal extension, mantra and meditation with expansive breathing. A personal favorite!

  • Intimacy with what is

    Yoga sutra 2.32 reminds us of the personal observances- how we treat ourselves. Of course this is reflected in how we treat others! Yama and Niyama are the foundation of yoga. They are the foundation of a life well lived and observed and gratefully steeped. Find out more in this all levels practi...

  • "where's your head?"

    Where's your head? How does that inform your heart?
    Focusing on the spine and neck alignment and blending side body and heart opening with strength and an alignment based flow this practice hits all the right notes. Ending as always with pranayama and meditation this is your Deep(er) practice fo...

  • Eka Pāda Rājakapotāsana

    A solid 60 minutes of āsana focusing on hip mobility (not just flexibility!) to enter the one legged king pigeon pose and variations. This practice ends with 20 minutes of a guided relaxation/meditation for rejuvenation and calm.

  • Bharadvājāsana and Parivṛtta halāsana

    yoga sutra discussion, chanting and challenging hatha flow to Bharadvājāsana and Parivṛtta halāsana
    Theme: Yoga sutra 2.22
    Peak Āsana: Bharadvājāsana and Parivṛtta halāsana
    Duration: 80 minutes

    Radhe Radhe Radhe Shyam
    Govinda Radhe Jai Shri Radhe
    Govinda Radhe Radhe Shyam
    Gopala Radhe Radhe