Vinyasa Krama

Vinyasa Krama

Based on the tradition of Krishnamacharya, the father of Modern Yoga (or ancient yoga in modern times) this practice is oriented on the breath and its inherent relationship to healthy movement and tranquility of being. A highly intentional blend of movement (vinyasa), staying power (asana and mudra), breathing with (pranayama), and mental focus (dharana) in every class offers a deep(er) experience of what yoga is.

Vinyasa Krama
  • Yoga is Intimacy

    This practice incorporates Virabhadrasana and vajrasana sub series to connect with both inner stability and resilience.

  • Peaceful Perserverance

    Our power lies in peaceful perseverance and faith. Practice includes standing and seated vinyasas preparing for the ardha padmasana sub series.

  • Pārśva bakāsana

    90 minutes of vinyasa krama, deep hip opening and specific work in the side crow arm balance (Pārśva bakāsana). Ending with prānāyāma and meditation this is the full practice recipe you've come to love :)

  • Land Lightly

    Working deep within the utkatasana and supta padangustasana krama this class brings stability and space to the lower body

  • Maha Mudra Vinyasas and Friends

    hasta vinyasas, parsva bhangis, utanasana and utkatasana vinyasas, sarvangasana and maha mudra vinyasas to krounchasana. Ends with pranayama.

  • Our first mantra

    Our first mantra- the heartbeat. This practice encourages a deep listening as we navigate standing, seated and inverted vinyasas and asana to open the hips and thighs and to build resilience in the upper body. Ending with meditation on the breath.

  • Prasarita Padottanāsana and Samakonāsana

    This week's Just Yoga practice focuses on standing and seated wide legged folds and inversions, pranayama and dharana on the breath.

  • Vinyasa to Krounchasana

    a continuation on the sequence through akarna dhanurasana practice this class offers vinyasas for the hips and legs to prepare for krounchasana (the heron pose). Ending with pranayama.

  • Marichyāsana and More

    This week the physical practice involves vinyasa krama with progressions to the Marichyasana series, a nice long Paschimotansana, inversions, pranayama and dharana. Yoga Sūtra focus is on PYS 2.30 and the 8-limbed path.

  • Our Constant Choice

    This 90 minute practice is a continuation of the shorter practice "Lessons from a Banyan Tree." Opening with a discussion on purification and pure awareness. Practice involves deep leg and hip work leading toward standing balance. Ends with pranayama and pratyahara.

  • "Simple and Steady"

    An all levels mindful practice focused on the length and texture above the breath above all. "...dirgha suksmah"

  • Within the Bind

    This practice works with the marichyasana sub series and certain vinyasas in sarvangasana to provide relief to the lower back and massage the abdominal organs. Class ends with pranayama.

  • Heavenly roots

    This practice focuses on krama leading to the on one foot sequence. Plenty of time in inversions to relax the legs and prepare for steady balance on one leg!

  • Padma and Prana

    This 60 minute invigorating and settling practice blends trkonasana vinyasas, 9 minute sarvangasana with leg vinyasas and tiryangmukha and bhairadvajasana sub series. Intermediate to Advanced asana practice with options.

  • Sacred Sunday: Illumination

    This practice works with vinyasas in the meditative and ardha padma sequences to prepare the body for pranayama. Ending with the Gayatri mantra - meditating on the divine guiding light within.

  • Lessons from Sunflowers

    ...always seek the light (within). Focuses on ankle, knee and hip mobility in a well rounded vinyasa practice.

  • "As the crow flies"

    Vinyasa Krama leads through hip & back stretch vinyasas towards kakasana (the crow pose) & bakasana (crane). Ends with a well rounded floor series to balance the lower body. Calming and grounding to prepare to fly. Helpful prop: thick blanket or foam wedge

  • A Steady Support

    vinyasas build towards kurmasana (the tortoise pose) a supportive asana for pratyahara (inner observation through sense withdrawal). Focusing on forward folds in all planes of movement with appropriate counter poses and ending with soothing pranayama.

  • Upside down and all around

    Standing and Supine twisting series with a focus on bandha leads to a 6 minute exploration of headstand vinyasas. Relaxing and rejuvenating for the legs and spine.

  • Yoga is...

    This great tradition has so much to teach us about presence, simplicity and enthusiastic effort in the face of adversity. practice revolves around the tiryang mukha sub series with a slight modification.

  • Intimacy with Simplicity

    Breathe in, Breathe out. The place we begin is always the most profound.
    This practice focuses on creating ease in the hips and lower body with balance of invigoration and ease.

  • Monday Morning Medicine

    Ding and Surya Namaskara, tiryangmukha ekapada series preparing for back extension and sarvangasana make this practice one to return over and over again :)

  • Long form: Revolved Vinyasas and Urdhva Dhanurāsana

    This 2 hour practice expands upon the December 23rd Just Yoga practice (Revolved Vinyasas) by adding dwipadapitam and urdhva dhanurasana and a bit longer stay in meditation. Enjoy!

  • Āñjaneyāsana Vinyasa and Halasana Rolling

    This practice focuses on the Āñjaneyāsana-Hanumānāsana Viśeṣa Vinyasa and the Halāsana-paścimottānāsana Viśeṣa Vinyasa and ends with ample time in prānāyāma and meditation.